Buy the Faac Backup battery for EO24S from Linkcare Gate Automation – Description. Power supply voltage Vac; 24V panel; Absorbed power 4 W; Motor max load W x 2; Accessories t mA; BUS accessories. FAAC-ES-manual. ES INDEX 0 BOX LAYOUT. .. B CONTROL UNIT ES 1 WARNINGS Before attempting any work on the control unit (connections .

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This product underwent a test in a typical, uniform configuration. The Managing Director A. For the safety of people, it is important that all the instructions be carefully observed.

C eo24 they can also be removed and re-positioned in order to enable the lid to open to the right or left. It must therefore be handled with care during all installation stages, to avoid damaging its components.

The dimensions of the box are shown in Fig. C When you have secured the box in the selected position, cover the eo42s holes ref. B and the screws with the supplied plugs as shown in Fig. D 64 After you have finished the operations to connect the control board with the various parts of the automated system, close the box, positioning the eoo24s in its seat with seal.

Connect the supply as shown in Fig. Dimensions in mm 13 0 Fig. B shows the four 5 mm diam. E Next, tighten the four supplied screws to guarantee the degree of protection against external agents Fig. Pause time, leaf closing delay Learning functions The fazc light control is active during the entire gate opening or closing movement and for the successive 90 seconds.

O contact see chap. If the gate detects an obstacle during the opening or closing movement, the anti-crushing function activates and reverses the sense of direction of the operator, thus increasing the safety degree of the automated system. The following table shows eo24d status of the LEDs in relation to the status of the inputs the closed at rest automated system condition is shown in bold. Check the status of the signalling LEDs as per table below: During the Setup phase both LEDs blink.

Fazc Setup phase is preceded by a preliminary phase, 6.

Once an opening stop or an “open” impulse is detected, they reach wo24s open position and the setup is ended. Once the SETUP procedure is started, switch the motor supply cables if the leaves close instead of opening.

Then the leaves start closing, one at a time, until an obstacle or an Open impulse is detected. Then the procedure described in paragraph 6. Keep it pressed until the automated system starts moving automatically.


Then the leaves start moving, one at a time, from the closed position with an “open” command or automatically.

If a stop is detected, an opening stop search is set. If Open is detected, a stop in the stored open position is set. Starting from leaf opening 2. The different menus are identified by the number of blinkings. The menu is scrolled sequentially. From now until the next Open impulse, the pause time is counted. If a stop is detected, an closing stop search is set.

If Open is detected, a stop in closed position is set only with absolute encoder Enc Starting from leaf closing 1. The number of blinkings corresponds to the number of the selected logic: The time can be set between 0 and 4. The board resets the parameters.

The default configuration is reset and the new Setup can be started. Here the default parameters: A – Wind-proof facility: NO – Reverse Stroke: NO – Preliminary blinking: NO – Leaf opening delay: YES – Leaf closing delay: Below we describe the addressing and memory storage of the BUS photocells.

For other future accessories, refer to the specific instructions. Make sure that there are no two or more photocells pairs with the same address. A maximum of 16 BUS photocell pairs can be connected to the board. The photocells are split into groups: Photocell used as an OPEN pulse: Install and program the accessories using the required address see paragraph 7.

Cut power to the board. Connect the two accessories cables to the red terminalboard J10 any polarity will do. Power up the board, taking care to first connect the main power supply transformer output and then any batteries. Follow the instructions in the table below to check if the BUS connection is correct. The relevant LED starts to flash slowly for 5 sec. Within these 5 sec. The radio control LED begins to flash. The relevant LED starts to flash slowly for 5 sec.

Release the radio control push-button. Only one radio code can be used at a time. To change over from one code to another, you must delete the existing one see paragraph on deletionand repeat the memory-storage procedure.

Quickly press twice the memory stored radio control pushbutton. The LED on the board relating to the channel being learned flashes for 5 sec.


The LED lights up on steady beam for 2 seconds, indicating memory storage executed, and then resumes flashing for 5 sec. To add other radio controls, transfer the code of the memorystored push-button of the radio control to the relevant pushbutton of the radio controls to be added, observing the following procedure.


The LED relating to the pressed push-button flashes for the first 5 sec, and then flashes more quickly for the next 5 sec.

This operation is NOT reversible. Make sure that the automated system is free of any obstacle created by persons or things. Remove the board support material covering the battery housing, cutting the material connections along the perimeter.

Use RC remote controls only with receiver module at MHz. The LED lights up on steady beam for 1 second, indicating memory storage executed, and then resumes flashing for another 5 sec. When the 5 sec.

Iphone Remote Control Your FAAC Swing Gate Opener Automatic Gate Using EO24S | eBay

To add other radio controls, repeat the operation at point 1. Insert the battery in the housing you have just created, and secure it on the anchoring supports Fig. Press and hold down push-buttons P1 and So24s simultaneously until both the LEDs flash slowly for 5 sec. To correctly fasten and connect the kit to eo24 control unit, consult the instructions enclosed with the battery kit. In particular, check if the safety devices are operating correctly.

Unlike the case of the photocell devices, the polarity of the BUS line connection determines whether the encoder belongs to one leaf rather then the other. This is why you must pay great attention to the indications of the status LEDs on the body of each encoder Fig. DL 2 determines the leaf on which the encoder is installed. Providing the configuration is correct, the automated system will show: If there is an incorrect connection, i. In this situation, refer to the configuration in TAB.

DL 3 indicates, on a steady flashing beam, the fzac of the pulses while the leaf is moving. This signal must not be considered a fault. The descriptions and illustrations contained in the present manual are not binding. FAAC reserves the right, whilst leaving the main features of the equipments unaltered, to undertake any modifications it holds necessary for either technical or commercial reasons, at any time and without revising the present publication.

Die Beschreibungen und Abbildungen in vorliegendem Handbuch sind unverbindlich. Las descripciones y las ilustraciones de este manual no comportan compromiso alguno. De beschrijvingen in deze handleiding zijn niet bindend. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.