Civilization IV is a turn-based strategy computer game and the fourth installment of the Civilization series. It was designed by Soren Johnson under the direction. INTRODUCTION. Welcome to Sid Meier’s Civilization IVĀ®, the game in which you match wits against the greatest leaders of all time in a bat- tle of warfare. Civilization V CIVILOPEDIA ONLINE. Civilopedia Home Page. “Such is the patriot’s boast, November 4, – Fixed missing Korean text. November 1.

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They wrote, “It’s a towering achievement, even for a series as revered as this one.

Civilization IV

Combat is initiated when moving military units are moved onto the square occupied by an opposing force’s military units and cities, and combat is then resolved with calculating statistics of each unit combined with some random chance. Retrieved 26 July ; “Sins cicilopedia a Solar Empire: Warlords and Civilization IV: Each map space has a terrain type, such as plains, tundra, or desert, that affects the available resources players can extract from their environments and the movements of certain units through that terrain.

As with other games in the series, there are by default five objectives the player can pursue civilopedla order to finish the game: Sid Meier chronicles Civilization”.

Sign In Don’t have an account? The player is then given a total of 18 different civilizations to choose from, each with their own pros and consplus a divilopedia avatar, an initial civilopediz of civilization technology, and any units unique to that civilization. Colonizationwhich were all combined in into one release edition titled Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: There are also three types of culture goods provided by World Civilopdeia, rather than resources, that can be traded: Archived from the original on Players may trade technologies, resources including luxuries such as winemaps to reveal information about the rest of the world and gold.

Great Generals are generated when a player’s forces achieve a certain number of victories, and can be used either to give a small amount of extra experience to all units trained in a city, or a very high level of experience to one unit.


The unit’s strength also affects how much damage it can do. The concept of technological growth is based on civiopedia technology tree. Other than combat, military units can also be assigned to fortify a specific space, perform sentry duties, destroy enemy city improvements, or explore the game world.

Archived from the original on 30 July The player can also select a future technology and immediately place into the game queue any technology nodes between the current technology level and the specified technology node. The reasoning behind diplomacy is more transparent when compared to Civ3: The terrain can be altered, and resources, military units and cities on the map civikopedia be added, removed or modified.

There also a number of unique buildings throughout the game. AgricultureThe Wheel.

Archived from the original on 5 September October 25, PAL: Another important concept in the game, not present in the earliest games in the series, is the growth of culture, which expands one’s cultural borders and can cvilopedia cause one’s culture to infiltrate into another civilization’s, sometimes causing a city to rebel against its current owner.

Archived from the original on 24 December In Civ2 one could modify anything using Cheat Mode. Prior to the 1. Archived from the original PDF on April 8, Multiplayer games involving both versions of the game work, but require the use cuvilopedia one of the multiplayer options other than “Internet Play” civiloopedia to the incompatible formats used by the two platforms. The high levels of culture gathering and attainment are also one of the default conditions that can be used to win the game.

As a result, some XML files which will work on the Windows version of the game need some slight tweaking before they function on the Macintosh version.

Contents [ show ]. Instead of generic increases in rank, individual units gain specific types of combat experience, such as bonuses against specific types of enemies or abilities like faster movement in forests.

Civilization IV – Wikipedia

All civilizations also have a unique unit which can be military such as Persian Immortals or economic such as Indian Fast Workers. Fast Worker replaces Worker. Securing an civilopediq agreement, sending in missionaries and then encouraging the other civ to convert is a relatively painless way of encouraging international tranquility. Archived from the original on 22 February The concept of separate religions is new to Civilization IV. On September 20,Firaxis Games senior producer Barry Caudill stated that “[e]diting these files will allow players to tweak civilopdeia game rules and change or add content.


The game uses boost. Barry Caudill, a senior producer at Firaxis Games, said [1] in September:. Diplomacy in Civilization IV generally involves the trading of goods and forming strong alliances. Firaxis cofounder and legendary game designer reminisces about the evolution of the storied PC series–and whether it will come to portables and next-gen consoles. In Civilization IV the leadership skills of players are compared to a subjective list of twenty of the best or worst leaders in history, similar to the list in Civilization I.

This will cause all the prerequisite techs to be researched in order.

Civilization IV: Online Civilopedia

Each tile provides a city with a certain amount of “Hammers” which collect up in the city to produce buildings and units. For instance, they can add new unit or building types, change the cost of wonders, or add new civilizations.

The game has a very useful tech tree, which can be accessed by pressing F6 on the keyboard. Archived from the original on 27 December The player can also use the diplomacy menu to request help in a war against a third civilization, or formally declare war on any civilopesia in which they engage diplomacy. Archived from the original PHP on 25 June Civilization IV won multiple awards at various events and gaming websites.