Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha (Hindi: बहिष्कृत हितकारिणी सभा) is a central institution formed by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar for removing difficulties of the. Bahishkrit Bharat (Untouchable India). The following is from an editorial ( translated from Marathi) written by Babasaheb Ambedkar for one of. in Dalit History: Bahishkrit Bharat newspaper announced that those members of the Depressed classes who wanted to wash out the stigma of.

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MookNayak and Bahishkrit Bharat – Rare Pictures

To enable everybody to enjoy these rights we should cooperate with each other. If he says that he is a Hindu because he observes the same customs as other Hindus do his answer cannot be true.

Posthumous works other than those above enter the public domain after 60 years from publication date.

The worship of the Christian or Muslim Gods is only on occasions. This is certainly the best of the possible solutions in the case of the surplus man.

MookNayak and Bahishkrit Bharat – Rare Pictures – Velivada

This file may not be in the public domain outside India. So, that completes my exposition of the varna-vyavastha.

It leaves us where we are. Prohibition against intermarriages and interdining is essential for the rapid evolution of the soul. Dasgupta, “The validity and authority of the Vedas were acknowledged by all Hindu writers and they had wordy battles over it with the Buddhists who denied it.

This, in my opinion, is the general mechanism of a caste in a system of castes. One may be tempted to ask, at this point, whether all the beliefs listed by Gandhi are really fundamental to Hinduism.

To illustrate my meaning: Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings and SpeechesVol. Bhalakar writes that we are interested in inter-caste dining, inter-caste marriages etc. Why, if the story be true, he is believed to be the very end of creation. But, by and large, the Hindu upper castes are far from fully reconciled to this progressive step as is evident from violent and aggressive anti-reservation agitation spearheaded by upper caste students from time to time.

Finally, it also denies equal access to education and knowledge. In order to prove my thesis—which really needs no proof—that some castes were formed by imitation, the best way, it seems to me, is to find out whether or not the vital conditions for the formation of castes by imitation exist in the Hindu Society. From a careful observation of those limitations the law of varna was deduced.


Click on the image to read about Saheb Kanshi Ram Ji. Motilal Banarsidass,pp. There are, in fact, many Indians who are not Hindus, and on the other hand, there are many Hindus who are not Indiansfor example, those who are citizens of Nepal, Sri Lanka and some other countries.

Click on the image to read castiest Quotes of Vivekananda. They become Shudra if they do so. The distribution of education, power and wealth continues to be uneven in the Hindu society, with the dwijas being on the top and the Shudras and untouchables being at the bottom.

The unorthodox nastikas are sometimes equated with the Shudras, sometimes with the Chandalas, sometimes with thieves and sometimes with lunatics! One may say that though the knowledge of carpentry of philosophy in not inherited biologically, the mental qualities enabling one to acquire the requisite knowledge is inherited.

A Caste, in order that it may be large enough to afford a vigorous communal life, must be maintained at a certain numerical strength. Manusmriti further states that having originated from the mouth bahishkrir Brahma, being elder and bhaishkrit the repository of the Vedas; Brahmins are the masters of the entire bahishkrig.

Buddhism & Ambedkarism Blog: Bahishkrit Bharat – Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

And they can earn their livelihood in any manner of their choice. In some cases it may work, in others it may not. From the pages of Bahishkrit Bharat. I reject varna-vyavastha because it is irrational, unjust and undemocratic, being opposed to the democratic and human values of liberty, equality and fraternity.

A Shudra’s waist is to be branded or his buttocks are to be bharrat only because he occupies the same seat as the Brahmin. Bahish,rit cannot say that because the system was originally, some time in remote past, based on aptitude and capability; therefore we ought to gladly suffer the present system based on birth.

And the main cause, as it seems to me, is that the two questions of spread and of origin are not separated. Secondly, if done, a bahishkrjt soul is lost to the Caste. It is only through the maintena n ce of such an equality that the necessary endogamy of the group can be kept intact, and a very large disparity is sure to break it. Banishkrit Ambedkar Writings and Speeches, Vol.


By this means numerical depletion through constant outflow is guarded against, and by this endogamy morals are preserved.

I do not believe in the varnashram dharma or varna-vyavastha either in the sense in which it is bshishkrit in Hindu dharma shastras like Manusmriti or in the so-called Vedic sense.

Even then they do not worship the same Goddesses. Similarly, Vedas could not have come into existence before human beings appeared on this earth, and before Sanskrit language came into existence. Manu does not even spare the rates of interest on loan. Out of these only the first three, namelyBrahminsKshatriya and Vaishya, who are collectively known as dwija twice-born are entitled to upanayan and the study of the Vedas.

There are, according to Mimamsa, two kinds of authority — personal paurusheya and impersonal apaurusheya. Like his prototype, he holds up perhaps with more seriousness and desire of self-instruction the social institutions to view, with all the objectiveness humanly pos sible, and inquires into their origin and function. This I call the mechanistic process of the formation of ca s te.

Another related doctrine is the Hindu belief in karmavada or the so-called law of karma. They may keep dogs and donkeys. Caste existed long before Manu. I will proceed to offer my own explanation by making one remark which I will urge you to bear constantly in mind.

The religion which produces such inhuman feelings among the high caste Hindus must perish.

So far as the objective results are concerned, burning is a better solution than enforcing widowhood. To be true to facts it bahishjrit necessary to qualify the statement, as it connotes universality of their prevalence. About Me Contact Me!